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We welcome you to our Progressive Barangay Puerto Rivas Ibaba, Balanga City, Bataan, situated at the coastal areas of Manila Bay, where fishing is the main source of our livelihood. I am very proud to say that each and every fishermen here in our Barangay are trying hard to struggle and educate their children and give them a good future to overcome poverty.  Modesty aside, most of our constituents here have produced children who are successful professionals. We have a politician, teachers, engineers, architects, lawyers, nurses, doctors and others. We also have successful businessman which we can be proud of. Our place is also famous for our delicious smoked fish, dried fish, bagoong and other fish products that are also being exported abroad. 

Today, we foresee an improved, successful and developed barangay that is being united to progress. 

Like the vision of our beloved Mayor towards making Balanga City a model and Tech City, we also would like to help for the betterment and Cleanliness of our City and become a Barangay which we can be proud of. 

God Bless us!!!